Stage 1 Breast Cancer

Stage 1 breast cancer: survival rate, symptoms, treatment, prognosis. The stages are the same for breast cancer as for other cancers. The stage is a measurement of how far cancer has spread. Based on the stage, treatment and prognosis are determined.

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Stage 2 Breast Cancer

Stage 2 Breast Cancer: Survival rate, symptoms, treatment, local treatments, systemic treatments, Neoadjuvants treatment, Treatment to the breast, Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, prognosis.

Stage 2 breast cancer is one of the most common forms of the disease. During stage 2, the tumor has a diameter of at least one centimeter and has spread to nearby lymph nodes. Adjuvant chemotherapy is sometimes prescribed after surgery (either a mastectomy or a lumpectomy). Radiation therapy is necessary for lumpectomies, while it may or may not be necessary for mastectomy.

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Stage Zero Breast Cancer-0

Stage Zero breast cancer-0: survival rate, symptoms, treatment, prognosis..Your doctor informs you that you have stage 0 breast cancer, which leaves you with many questions. How does that affect you? Does it even mean that you have cancer?

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