Uric acid symptoms and cure

Introduction: Uric acid symptoms and cure. Uric acid is a decay output in the body. The human body prepares uric acid when it decays a chemical called purine, which is present in specific food and drinks. It is an average product. This standard product goes to the kidney and is released from the body when you pee.

 But sometimes, the human body makes a greater concentration of uric acid. And the kidney cannot control this excessive amount of uric acid, so when the attention of the uric acid increase in the body, crystals of uric acid can be formed, which concentrate in the joints. These sharp and needle-like crystals cause Gout. 

Uric acid symptoms and cure
Uric acid symptoms and cure

But some people with a greater uric acid concentration never get Gout or any other arthritis disease. Purines are primarily present in red meat and organ meats like the liver. Plates of seafood with a large quantity of purine include anchovies, Sardines, mussels, scallops, trout, and tuna.

Alcoholic beverages, especially beer, and drinks sweetened with fruit sugar promote the concentration of uric acid. We talked again and again about the same point that high concentration of uric acid also causes several harmful effects.

Let’s know more about Uric acid symptoms and cure.

Levels of Uric acid in males and females:

It is normal if the blood has a small amount of uric acid. If the level of uric acid goes high or under a healthy range, this causes different issues in human health. When the concentration of uric acid is more significant in the blood, this causes Gout. 

But having a low concentration of uric acid is not normal. But there are some possibilities if a person ravines more uric acid out of their body as waste material.

Uric acid levels in Females are when low, is Below 2.5 mg/dl, and Normal is 2.5 -7.0 mg/dl. While in Males, the Low uric acid level is Below 1.5 mg/dl, and the normal uric acid level is 1.5-6.0mg/dl; above these levels, uric acid is high. 

Related medical situations due to which uric acid is produced:

There are different medical situations and treatments related to the production of uric acid, especially Gout, cancer treatments, and kidney diseases.

Treatment of cancer: when the body’s cells die, they produce purines. It discharged uric acid into the blood when the body decayed them. Some cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, can kill the cells in the body.

Kidney diseases: we know that the kidney controls the waste products like purines. But kidney diseases affect the kidney, and thus they cease working Commonly. When this occurs, uric acid excretory products can build up in the blood.

Fanconi syndrome: The low uric acid level is sporadic. The most common medical situation causation of low uric acid levels is Fanconi syndrome, a seldom kidney disease. 

The people in this situation, their kidneys cannot consume the specific nutrients in the body due to Fanconi syndrome, different problems like lack of energy, dehydration, and issue with bones created. A person in this situation will have a low uric acid level because a greater concentration of this substance is transitory out of the body in the peak.

Wilson disease is a type of disease in which cooper assembles in tissues of a critical organ such as the brain and liver. It causes decreased uric acid levels in the blood due to related kidney issues that boost urinary uric acid excretion.

Minerals: insufficient dietary zinc intake can also cause a lower concentration of uric acid.

Uric acid Symptoms 

A low uric acid level is a symptom and can be predicted by checking blood chemistry. When uric acid is standard in the body, this causes oxidative tension. And this oxidative stress causes the production of atherosclerosis as well as strokes. 

There are some conditions where a low uric acid level is an optimum result and an indication of improving medical situations. A person with a low level of uric acid may pee more than habitually, leading to dehydration if they do not drink water in a more significant amount.

The kind of indications you may contact because of low uric acid levels may differ depending on your situation. Commonly, low uric acid levels do not account for remarkable symptoms.

If your uric acid is low because of Fanconi syndrome, you may suffer bone pain or sense uncommon weakness. You may also release an uncommonly great amount of urine, increasing the chance of becoming dehydrated.

On the other hand, if people have low uric acid because of Wilson’s disease may produce body aches, loss of appetite, desperation, tiredness, enlargement of limbs, anxiety, or may feel awkward in walking, absorbing, or declamation.

Uric acid Cure

Your doctor is just the person who can prescribe a specific treatment to increase your uric acid levels. Insignificantly, low uric acid levels are not usually a reason for concern. In particular, simply boosting the quantity of purine you use as a part of your proper diet may help normalize your blood levels of uric acid. 

Periodically, your doctor may suggest medication that treats the cause of your low uric acid levels. Avoid drinking alcohol. Because alcohol can harm the liver, which is already unprotected due to the greater concentration of copper in the body. The level of uric acid increases after strenuous exercise, strongly resulting from purine nucleotide degradation during high energy consumption.

Proper and balance exercise support complete health. Fish, meat organs like liver, kidney, brain, broth, yeast, bouillon, asparagus, cauliflower, mushroom, spinach, lentils, peas, wheat, bran, oatmeal, whole grain bread, cereals, alcoholic beverage such as beer and wine are suggested to increase the level of uric acid.

Teas, coffee, sodas, beverages sweetened with corn syrup, foods cooked in oil, and acid-forming foods considered to increase the level of uric acids, such as sugar, white flour, roasted nuts, etc.

Conclusions: Uric acid symptoms and cure

Uric acid is a disuse product that can harm joints and tissues if it builds in greater concentration in the body. But when the attention of the uric acid decrease than the normal range, its results are not severe except dehydration. 

But if you drink water in proper quantity, then you can avoid it. You can avoid this if you take a proper diet with nutrients incredibly decadent than purines.

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