Is it bad to eat too much oatmeal?

Is it bad to eat too much oatmeal? Oatmeal is one of the most popular items today. It has become one of the favorites due to its great benefits and that is why it has been included in many important recipes.

For those who love oats, this food has become a fundamental base of their diet. However, the question arises Is it bad to eat oatmeal? Today we will take a tour of the most important aspects of this food and we will give you an answer. Keep reading!

Is it bad to eat oatmeal
Is it bad to eat oatmeal

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Top 10 Foods to Eat Daily
5 Unpublished Benefits of Oats

Is it bad to eat too much oatmeal?. Many professionals recommend eating oatmeal at first. Fitness gurus include it in hundreds of alternative recipes and that is why there is a huge fan club for this food. People with diabetes and insulin resistance are the main ones to eat large amounts of this food.

The truth is that oatmeal brings many benefits and some that you surely did not know are:

  1. Optimizes intestinal transit. Oatmeal is made up of fiber so it helps people to evacuate more easily. If you suffer from constipation and have trouble going to the bathroom regularly, oatmeal is a food that can help you with this.
  2. Oatmeal creates a feeling of fullness after eating it. Satiety is an important factor in diets as it helps people forget about hunger for a long time and can concentrate on other activities and lose weight.
  3. It helps people with diabetes and insulin resistance as it promotes the rapid absorption of carbohydrates slowly so that glucose levels stay on the sidelines and do not rise unexpectedly.
  4. Delays skin aging thanks to the large amount of antioxidants it contains. It could be said that oatmeal is a “fountain of eternal youth”.
  5. Reduces fatigue in those who consume it thanks to the fact that it provides energy due to its large dose of potassium.

Now, consuming oatmeal gives you many benefits that can improve your health and make you feel better. Do not be afraid to consume it in the doses stipulated by the nutritionist or your GP. What we recommend is to be careful not to consume it in excess to avoid future problems.

Not everything is perfect: Is it bad to eat a lot of oatmeal?

Yes, oatmeal is described as a magical food that is capable of helping with the health of those who consume it. Even so, not everything is perfect and it has been shown that the consumption of oats in excess can have dangerous long-term consequences for those who consume it.

For example, some brands of oats, in fact the vast majority, are made with gluten. All those that are in basic supermarkets have this ingredient that is harmful for celiac people, so if they consume it in excess, they can be affected gastrointestinally.

Oatmeal side effects can occur after about two months of eating excessive oatmeal. Consuming 300g of this food 3 times a day can fill your body with many of the nutrients and ingredients that make up oatmeal and this will create changes in the body.

Some side effects of oats due to high consumption are:

  • Increases heart rate: Oatmeal is rich in beta glucans so it is recommended for those with heart problems to help reduce bad cholesterol. However, excessive consumption can cause the heart to increase its heart rate due to the overload it would have to carry out.
  • Disrupts Sleep: If you’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal and can’t sleep, here’s why. Oatmeal has a small amount of natural stimulants that make your brain activate for a long time. Imagine, if you consume a lot of oatmeal, you may start to suffer from insomnia.
  • Abdominal swelling: Oatmeal is recommended for those who have trouble going to the bathroom. Being rich in fiber, the vein promotes intestinal transit and allows for easier evacuation… but if you consume a lot of it, everything can get complicated. The excess of oats generates abdominal swelling and constant bloating.

In Conclusion Is it bad to eat a lot of oats?

The answer is yes. Yes it is bad to consume a lot of oatmeal.

Everything in life is bad if consumed in excess, since the body is designed to handle specific and sufficient doses for each of its tasks. Therefore, it is necessary that the consumption of oats is as balanced as possible to avoid suffering any of the side effects caused by excessive intake.

The fact that these side effects exist does not mean that oatmeal is dangerous, only that you should consume it with caution and regulate the doses that are added to other recipes. In this way, bad times for your body can be avoided.

If you are celiac or have nutritional problems, we recommend that you go to a specialist doctor who will allow you to create an adequate diet where the doses of oats are the most appropriate for your nutritional needs.

EXTRA: Oatmeal Raw or Cooked?

  • The oatmeal can be eaten in both presentations. Raw oatmeal is a little drier so it takes a little longer to swallow than cooked oatmeal. But this is left to your discretion.
  • Both raw and cooked oats are high in soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • B-glucan, the insoluble fiber in oats, has been studied for its great cholesterol-lowering effects. It can be better activated in cooked oatmeal or in oatmeal water, which is why it is included in diets to lose weight.
  • If you want to delay aging, raw oats are better as it gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of the antioxidant properties of this food. For example, vitamin E and flavonoid compounds are present in oatmeal and slow down the aging of skin cells.

Are you ready to eat oatmeal the smart way? Tell us how are you doing?

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