What are the 5 warning signs of breast cancer?

Introduction: What are the 5 warning signs of breast cancer? Breast cancer is a disease in which a malignant cell forms in the tissue of the breast. It is the most common disease of women worldwide and now spreading very fast. Early detection is essential for better treatment. 

Awareness of its early symptoms is crucial for identifying its pre-stages. Breast cancer occurs when breast cells grow abnormally and increase in mass or form a lump. These abnormal cells spread into other body parts and the bloodstream, leading to serious health problems. 

There are many types and signs of breast cancer, but the most common is ductal Carcinoma which starts through the breast milk duct. 

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Breast cancer liver metastasis

Introduction: Breast cancer liver metastasis. Breast cancer is the most popular type of cancer among women worldwide. Despite advances in treatment, breast cancer is still a major cause of cancer-related deaths. One of the most popular sites of breast cancer is the liver. 

Liver metastasis occurs when cancer cells spread through the bloodstream from the breast to the liver. Metastasis breast cancer symptoms depend on what area of body cells have surrounded. Treatment for breast cancer includes medications to decrease the growth. 

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Aggressive breast cancer

Introduction: Aggressive breast cancer. An aggressive cancer is a type that grows, spreads, and causes inflammation. It covers a two-thirds area of the breast .it causes redness and thickening or pitting of the skin or breast like orange peel. It has a few types, like inflammatory breast cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, and angiosarcoma of the breast.

Aggressive breast cancer has different types, like inflammatory, angiosarcoma, and triple-negative breast cancer. Its symptoms involve the formation of a lamp node in great or swelling of the breast.

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